Ep: 01 - Rick Rosenthal

Four-time Emmy award-winning filmmaker
Credits: Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Life


Rick grew up near San Diego, California, and went to Vista High School, where he was captain of both the football and baseball teams. He received college scholarships in each sport, and went on to play both at the university level.

While in college he was hired by Sea World of San Diego, where he was the first trainer of the park's pilot whale. This experience led him to pursue graduate studies in marine biology and oceanography. He holds advanced degrees from California State University at San Diego.

Leaving California and his work as a marine biologist at Westinghouse Ocean Research Laboratory and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Rick was a pioneer in underwater research in Alaska. As a scientist, Rick has written and published more than 40 scientific papers and popular articles on marine biology, ecology and animal behavior.

Underwater camerawork played an essential part in his marine research. Aiming to share his observations with the wider world, Rick turned to filmmaking and television. He has since gone on to film some of most challenging wildlife subjects on our planet in over 35 films. Among them are three award-winning programs on the great whales, Riddle of the Right Whale, Humpback Whales and Sperm Whales Back From the Abyss shot for the British television network, BBC.

Rick Rosenthal was Director of Film and Video for the Marviva Foundation, a privately funded, pro-active international marine conservation organization committed to the preservation of the ocean environments of Latin America.

Rick produced HOT TUNA and SUPERFISH: BLUEFIN TUNA with international production and distribution company Wild Logic. The films are narrated by the celebrated Sir David Attenborough, and are airing currently on television worldwide, with over 10 million people in Japan alone tuning in on a single evening. In the US, SUPERFISH: BLUEFIN TUNA is airing on the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild. Rick recently completed THE DARK SIDE OF THE OCEAN, a one-hour film, in HD and 4K with Wild Logic.

Resources Mentioned In this Episode:

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