Ep: 03 - Roshan Patel

Co-founder of Nestbox Collective
and producer of Red Wolf Revival


Roshan has produced and worked on a variety of films which subjects range from Lions in western India to printing 3D guns and the social implications of that technology. While he loves to lug his camera in hand, the mission is to connect science with people.

He's built websites, photographed research projects for science publications, written multimedia-rich performance art pieces, produced a film festival, created field guides for the Chesapeake Bay, and contributed to research with osprey, amphibians, and elephants.

One might ask how these seemingly random collection of experiences connect. The answer is simple: like a nestbox, each tells a story of the relationship people create with their surroundings -- whether it is building a birdhouse, understanding how we depend on bees, or fighting for a healthier ecosystem.


More about Nestbox Collective at: http://www.nestboxcollective.com
More about Red Wolf Revival at: http://www.redwolfrevival.org
More about Montana State University filmmaking courses at: http://sfp.montana.edu/sciencenaturefilm/

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