Ep: 04 - Ali Alvarez

Film Director, Creative Director, Writer and Owner
of Mariposa Productions



Ali Alvarez is a director, writer and the owner of Mariposa Productions.

London-based, LA-raised and Mexico-born: Ali’s covered some geography, and she strives to make films and write stories that truly connect to this world we all live in.

From butterflies bringing hope, to coming back from a life-changing accident, to an inner city community making their voice heard - life is serious at times but it also offers up so much beauty to make a great film or story that moves an audience. These are the ones Ali wants to tell. 

After graduating with Honors from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Ali moved to London, England in 2002 to work on her career as a creative director in advertising. Previously she was a professional show jumper. 

It was in 2009, that Ali had a serious horse riding accident and suffered a Truamatic Brain Injury. It meant a two week loss of memory, learning to walk again and learning to write again - basically, starting over.

It was this accident that made Ali give up her day job to pursue making her latest film “Muerte Es Vida" or "Death Is Life”.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

More about Mariposa Productions at: http://www.mariposa-uk.com
More about Muerte Es Vida at: http://muerteesvida.com
More about Ali Alvarez at: http://www.alialvarez.com

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