Workshop Schedule


Workshop Schedule

Day 1 - Overview, Outlining Story, Shot-list Creation, Location Scouting and Initial Shooting.

Day 2 - Wildlife Filming, Guest Speaker, More Filming.

Day 3 - Interviews, Media Logging, Begin Edit.

Day 4 - Finalize Edit, Preview Films.

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Please Note: The schedule may change slightly from that printed below due to circumstances out of our control. However, your experience will not be impacted and you will still receive the full workshop training.


Day 1

8am-12pm Pre-Production

Scenario outline - We’ll discuss a scenario where mustangs are coming down from the hills to drink at a local freshwater lake. We will then as a group:

  1. Introduction and overview of the workshop
    - Identify potential stories that can be told visually.
    Select a style in which to tell the story. i.e narrate, interview VO, hosted.
    - Identify the shots needed to tell the story.
  2. Write an outline of our individual chosen story.
  3. Create a shot list.

    12pm - 1pm Lunch

    Lunch in room and mingle time

    1pm - 5pm Scout Location

    1. Scout the location to:
      - Identify where the horses are coming down and drinking.
      - Identify best locations to shot from.
      - Prep our camera gear and identify best camera settings for the scenario.
    2. Shoot some beauty and establishing shots.
    3. Wrap

    Day 2

    8am-12pm Location Filming

    1. Film mustangs if they are there early.
    2. Discussion on the need to adapt to changing elements, i.e. weather, animals etc.
    3. More time to shot beauty and establishing shots.
    4. Assess individual shot list to determine what's needed. 

    12pm - 1pm Lunch 

    Picnic lunch on location.

    1pm - 2pm Discussion with Dr. Alyson Andreasen

    1. Wildlife biologist Dr. Andreasen discusses animal behavior and the effects filming can have if not undertaken correctly.  Also, best practices when in the field with wild animals. 

    2pm - 5pm Pickup Shots and Mustangs

    1. Capture all remaining shots from shot lists.
    2. Film mustangs as they come down for evening drink.
    3. Wrap.


    Day 3

    8am - 12pm Interviews

    1. Discussion on: 
        1. The need for good clear audio recording and the best practices to achieve it.
        2. Interview framing and composition
        3. Interview techniques to get the best from the interviewee.
    1. Conduct interviews in the field with either:
        1. Wildlife Biologist
        2. Department of transport representative.
        3. Local tourist/resident

    12pm - 1pm Lunch

    Picnic lunch on location.

    1pm - 5pm Backup footage and Post Workflow

    1. Discussion on best practices for backing up media files and storage.
    2. Back up all files from the field.
    3. Start edit process:
        1. Sort footage and label clips.
        2. Compile timeline with selected clips.
        3. Select best interview sound bites.
        4. Write narration script to round out story.
    1. Wrap.


    Day 4

    8am - 12pm Post Production and Export

    1. Finalize timeline footage clips.
    2. Record narration.
    3. Mix audio and select music.
    4. Color correct, finalize and export.

    12pm - 1pm Lunch

    Lunch in room.

    1pm - 5pm Film Presentations

    1. Watch each film and take notes.
    2. Discussion on films and critique session. 
    3. General Q & A session about the overall process.
    4. Wrap


    6pm Wrap Party at Restaurant


    Full Schedule PDF download